Thinking About Joining the Military?

In 2004, the Westchester Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute for Nonviolence and No War Westchester prepared a packet of materials for parents and students concerned about military recruiting issues in their schools and communities.  You can help by “adopting a school” and distributing these materials to people and organizations in your community.  Download the packet of materials here.

 A Resource Guide to Military Recruiting

Adopt A School leaflet

The Truth About Military Recruitment in Our Schools

Internet Resources for Students, Parents & Teachers

Know the Facts!

Protect Your Privacy from Military Recruiters: Know Your Right to “Opt Out” (Opt Out Form – Parents & Students make sure to download this one!)

Proteje Tu Privacidad De Los Reclutadores Militares: Conoce Tus Derechos Para Actuar  (Opt Out form in Spanish)

The Military is Not Just a Job… It’s Eight Years of Your Life (English – requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

¿Sólo un empleo? No. . . ¡Son ocho años de tu vida! (Spanish – requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Signed Up for the Military?  If You Change Your Mind, You May Not Have to Go (English – requires Adobe Acrobat reader)


¿Tienes suficiente información para registrarte en las fuerzas armadas? (Spanish – requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Organizations to contact for more information:

 For information about rape and sexual assault in the military, visit:


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