Stop New Generation of Nuclear Weapons, Save $1 Trillion!!

A flight test body for a B61-12 nuclear weapon

As the 71st anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagaski approaches on August 6 & 9, please urging Congress and the President to reign in wasteful spending on a new generation of nuclear bombers, land-based missiles and nuclear submarines.

Nuclear weapons production facilities create extremely long-lived nuclear wastes, and pollute our air and water with radioactive and chemical pollutants that are extremely hard to clean up.  New York state taxpayers would have to pay a whopping $90 billion for the nuclear buildup over 30 years.  We can better use the $1 trillion spent on this program for clean energy, public health, mass transit, and affordable housing, and create many more jobs in the civilian economy, instead of throwing it away on weapons we should not and must not ever use.

Please sign our petition!!

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